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Danielle Meyer Rural is excited to present the ‘Gayndah Orchard Aggregation’ which consists of three properties in close proximity to Gayndah. This high value orchard aggregation has the benefit of ample water allocation and licences, along with a centralised packing shed for ease of production and export.

This property is very viable and the current owners are now ready to retire and have systems and employees in place to ensure a smooth transition for the new owner. The owners are willing to stay and train the new owner to ensure that this person is successful in their new venture.
Being the owner of this orchard, you will reap the rewards of early fruit to ensure the premium price is received for your product. This orchard also has established Mojo mandarins producing fruit that is in high demand and will ensure good returns on your product.

Not only does this business enable you to earn a good living it also gives you and your family the country lifestyle that you deserve.
Gayndah is a lovely place to raise a family and the community is welcoming and supportive to newcomers.

Aggregation includes:

Mungy Road (formally Dents Rd), Reids Creek
• Planted with predominately mandarins and with some oranges
• Approximately 18,000 trees are between 1 and 20 years old
• The total area under orchard is 35.53 hectares which averages approximately 439 trees per hectare and a total combined land area of 170 hectares.

15851 Burnett Highway, Gayndah
•Predominately planted with mandarins and with some oranges.
•There are approximately 1,130 trees that are between 13 and 30 years old.
•The total area under orchard is 2.45 hectares
.The property is watered from the Burnett River via a water allocation of 80 megalitres

1015 Mount Debatable Road, Dirnbir
• Approximately 3,000 trees that are between 4 and 58 years old.
• The total area under orchard is approximately 7.11 hectares
• The property is watered from the Burnett River via a water allocation of 66 megalitres. All trees are watered by a system that is fed from 6″ main lines to individual tree sprinklers

Structural improvements on the property include a packing shed inclusive of a Compac packing system with Sinclair labelling technology (leased), storage shed, de-greening shed, cold-room, amenities block and machinery shed.

Fruit is produced for both the domestic and export market.

Contact Danielle Meyer for more information.